Having an upcoming party, baby shower, family day, open house or any other social/corporate events that involves children?

Why not hire a balloon twister to jazz up the party with colour balloon sculptures? Kids are simply facinated with balloons, and so are many of us who are young-at-hearts :)

Call/sms/whatsapp: 9879-9016 (preferred mode)
Facebook : twisty balloons

All balloon twisting will be done by myself (Lisa) unless otherwise stated.

Friday 7 July 2017

Hello friends!  It's been a very long while since my last posting!  Yes yes, I am now in retirement mode, living in a very green and very cosy kampung (village) somewhere north-east of Singapore.

Will not be venturing far, but will be focusing on sengkang/punggol area if possible, to cut down on travelling time and costs.

Do whatsapp me should you like to check my availability :)

Premium balloon columns


 Balloon twisting

Simplest decoration : helium balloons which guests can even bring home!!


Have a happy day, everyday!!

love, aunty Lisa


Sunday 9 March 2014

Princess Balloon sculpture

Been doing a number of princesses for parties...
here's one to wish all a wonderful week ahead!!

and yes, haze haze go away...

Thursday 20 February 2014

Frozen theme - Princess Elsa Party!

Special order of the oh-so-popular Princess Elsa in Deluxe size for this cosy party!

Two little adorable pink princesses in their crowns...

~ ~ ~

Monday 10 February 2014

Party at CCK condo

Boy's birthday party

~ ~ ~

Pooh Bear Party

Pooh Bear and Piglet attended this cute boy's 1st birthday party at East Coast!


~ ~ ~

Princess party!

Birthday Girl thrilled with her balloon doll :)
This party has guests from various countries and there are many pretty babes and handsome little boys..

Party pictures catchup...

How time flies!  Realised been lacking in posting in this blog...oppsie..
Will post some as we go along...
A baby boy balloon sculpture for a full month celebration!

Minion attack at Aloha Changi!

Shield & Sword for the big birthday boy!

Monday 18 November 2013

Mickey Mouse themed birthday party and a big bouncy castle!

It was a Mickey Mouse party complete with balloon twisting and a big bouncing castle! 
Noisy? Oh yes :)  The girls and boys were having lots of fun running around,
giggling and sliding on the bouncy castle...
And they had a big bonus when the daddies join in the fun!
As usual, I did not capture a lot of pictures of the children with the sculptures.
The simple but beautiful mickey & friends birthday cake!
A mickey look-a-like for the birthday girl
Birthday girl in her favourite purple colour!
And some the guests with the sculptures..
Thanks to A's mommy for inviting me to this fun party!
This party was made possible thru the recommendation of a dear facebook friend whom I appreciate very much. 
Thanks to all!

Owl themed 1st Birthday Party!

It was a real cutie Owl themed birthday party!
It's a pity I did not have the chance to take pictures of the owl cake ^-^
Anyway, here's the big balloon owl and the sweet mommy & daughter pair..

and here is birthday girl with her favourite yiyi (aunt)
Thanks for inviting me to be part of the party :)

Thursday 10 October 2013

Animal theme....for the big boys

Oh, don't we all love such fun-loving (big) boys who are so sporting to give us this super cute pose? Loved it!

~  ~  ~  ~
To add fun and colours to your party,
simply drop us a call/whatsapp/sms to 9879 9016, or email me at twistyballoons@gmail.com to find out more :)

Thank you!

Thursday 22 August 2013

First birthday parties!

Designs that comes up at parties are very much dependent on how long is the twisting and how many children (oh, I mean requests from children and adults). 
Longer parties will have time for more designs to come up and here is one First Birthday party that is of a longer duration...
Birthday boy gleaming at his blue bear sculpture
hmm... will you bite me?
Cousin also want to take pic with bear bear..
Rainbow girl with parrot...I like this pic :)
The vibrant and colourful young girl's dress somehow matches the white balloon parrot sculpture pre-made for her (cos she is my ex-customer!).
So happy to get this big brown goofy-looking doggie :)
Brothers' loots
 Me and my Nemo!
Does this Princess sculpture look like her?
Is this doggie too big for me?
Green bear, anyone?
It was a busy but fun session...Thank you all!

Sunday 4 August 2013

Myra's 4th Birthday Bash

MacDonald Birthday Party at Holland!
Isn't the princess cake sweet?  Birthday girl's white and pink dress matches the cake's doll too :)
A sweet moment.. 
Little sister's balloon
It's great to see his happy face,
see how the sculpture makes him forget his injured feet..
Yup... that's how boys have fun!
 Isn't she a sweetie beauty?
It was nice seeing familiar faces at the party, thanks to all your support!!